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Davis & Sarbinoff is a niche business law firm and a large part of our practice is devoted to the representation of clients who are buying, selling, consolidating or merging a business. We represent both acquiring and acquired businesses in all forms of mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances.

The sale of a business is an emotionally difficult journey for both the buyer and the seller, and there is nothing more fragile than the deal itself. That is why it is imperative to have counsel with the following qualities:

An attorney that is not just a business attorney, but a business advisor as well.
Experience in buying and selling businesses.
An understanding of the emotion and fragility of the deal.
Has contacts with lenders and is experienced in obtaining financing.
Has experience evaluating businesses and constructing business plans.
Has experience with commercial real estate, whether purchasing land or negotiating a lease.
Will be available and do what is necessary to get the deal done.
Has the ability to come up with creative and novel solutions to the numerous and seemingly insurmountable roadblocks along the way.
The realization that not all buyers and sellers have business savvy right from the get go and is able to insure that by the end of the deal the parties are more than equipped to handle the complexities of their new endeavors.

Whether the deal is a merger, consolidation, asset purchase or stock purchase transaction, our attorneys will orchestrate a team of professionals, including accountants, bankers, and insurance agents, to insure a harmonious and smooth acquisition. More importantly, our firm remains at your side once the deal is done to provide whatever services necessary to facilitate your continued success.

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